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Q. What kind of questions should I ask when looking for a new dentist?
A. Most people don’t know that selecting the right dentist is a matter of looking for the right credentials. Since most of the advanced and high-tech dentistry is not taught in dental schools, it is important to make sure that the dentist you select is fully up-to-date and qualified to perform the newly innovated procedures.

Q. How long will it take to get my new, natural-looking smile?
A. Depending on what the dentist decides is the best option for you, your new smile can be delivered in as little as two to three visits. The process of veneers or crowns is similar, in that the doctor preps your teeth by taking an impression of your bite and adjusting the tooth structure slightly to assure an accurate fit for the final product. The impressions are then sent to one of the most advanced laboratories for the creation of your new crowns or veneers. In the meantime, the dentist puts temporary crowns or veneers on your teeth and, in the next visit, delivers the customized final product for your new, healthy and natural-looking smile.

Q. I don’t want anyone to know that I had my teeth done; I want my smile to look natural.
A. Using the latest techniques and materials, Dr. Wong and his staff will create your perfect smile. The structuring of your smile is based on your lifestyle, facial proportions, gender, age, complexion, hair color and eye color. Our patients are often asked if they’ve changed their hairstyle or got new contact lenses. Your smile will look so natural, no one will be able to pinpoint what exactly is different in your new look.

Q. How long will my temporaries last?
A. Although the temporaries will make you look like you already have your new smile, they are not meant to last for longer than the dentist recommends. If left on too long, temporaries will wear, break and even damage your teeth. It is important to come back for your delivery appointment, to receive the permanent crowns or veneers and leave with your strong and beautiful new smile.

Q. What procedures will insurance cover?
A. Every insurance plan is set up differently and therefore coverage of various procedures is up to the insurance company. We work with your insurance plans so you can receive the maximum benefit.

Q. Does every crown procedure require a root canal?
A. Not necessarily. A crown may require a root canal only if the nerve of the tooth has been, in some way, compromised or damaged.

Q. Does every root canal procedure require a follow-up appointment?
A. Yes, it is very important to follow up. It is best to consult your dentist as to what type of restorative appointment the root canal treatment will need. Dr. Wong and his team can evaluate what is the best restorative treatment for you.

Q. Will I be in pain during or after the root canal?
A. The procedure can be performed
comfortably under a local anesthetic. Most patients don’t experience any pain afterwards.

Q. Will a crown look like my own tooth?
A. Yes. Our porcelain crowns are made of the latest material and techniques, that are identical to the color of your tooth. No one will even know the tooth has a crown on it. Our results are so natural that most people cannot tell which one is the crown and which is the natural tooth.

Q. What about missing teeth?
A. There are a number of ways to replace missing teeth. Depending on your needs, we offer a complete array of services including bridges and implants.